(Submitted by CHS Senior, Taurie Pourier)
On March 19th the Anatomy and Physiology class took a trip to the Occupational Therapy department in
the hospital. There we met with the occupational therapist Maddi Nitsch. She talked to us about the
occupation, the education needed, along with a tour around her office. She also showed us many tools
that she uses for her therapy that helps her patients with their recovery. Maddi explained the occupation
very well. She described that occupational therapy is used for many different things such as; relearning
how to do something that you normally do in your life such as, taking a shower, tying your shoes, walking
or even cooking. She works with many that have had strokes, been in car accidents, have tremors, or
just minor things that you may need help with. Maddi described the occupation as never boring because
you may have something come to you that you have never seen before, so you must learn about it and
find a way to help them with certain exercises. With the occupation you not only get to help people and
just work on exercises, but you also get to go into people's houses and try to maybe get to work with
architecture and figure out a way to make a bathroom or house more accessible for the patient. She can
also go into businesses and talk to them about how to change the way they do things to make it better
for the employees and easier on their bodies. She also gets to make splints for people to help with their
joints. Occupational therapy deals with a lot and has a wide range of things that you can do with the

Maddi was very open about what she did and loved talking about her occupation. She gave us many tips
of how to get through college and to never give up. Maddi loves to have people come shadow her and
would love to have more people shadow her and see what her occupation is all about.

Mr. Mack