WELCOME TO 5 BULLET FRIDAY!The Chadron High School Cardinal Counseling Department is excited to share our 5 Bullet Friday Newsletter for the 2019-20 school year!  Each week we will be providing readers with five facts, tips or tricks to help make the school year a success academically, emotionally, and socially! 

If you do not wish to receive this email feel free to UNSUBSCRIBE using the button located at the bottom of this email.1. First Quarter Deadlines are Extended Until Tuesday October 15th!Students, do you have a few assignments to get in that might boost your quarter grade in a class?? Time to RUN to that teacher and get your work in by Tuesday!  With the snow day we have extended quarter grading deadlines until Tuesday, October 15th.  This means that you have a LONG weekend to get work done and IN before grades and report cards go out!

Reminder, at Chadron High School we average our quarter grades and report the two averages as a semester grade on our official transcripts.  For example if a student receives an 80% first quarter and an 90% second quarter the semester average grade would be an 85% and the corresponding grade (B) would be placed on the official transcript.  If a class is a quarter offering only (example:  Speech, Health, PE 9, ect.) then that quarter grade is final and goes directly on the transcript. 

We will be handing out first quarter report cards to students to bring home after all grades are finalized.  Look for your student to be bringing these home Thursday or Friday of next week, we will send a REMIND to parents to let them know they should be coming home.2. Cardinal Cast:  Money Matters, Paying for College! Check us out on iTunes and make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE!  We'd LOVE to have your feedback, like and REVIEW on iTunes!
Takeaways from this episode:
1.  Fill out the FAFSA and fill it out EARLY!

2.  A four year college is not your only option!  Listen to us talk about gap year options, military, tech school, and community college.

3.  LOANS, work study, student aid reports, and other college prep items that can get VERY confusing!

4.  Mrs. Watson quizzes Mr. Mack - True and False about paying for college, see how he does here!3. Transition to College Monday October 21st and 6 p.m.Our last Transition to College night for the Fall will be on Monday, October 21st at 6 p.m. in the high school library.  11th and 12th grade parents AND students are invited to attend for this one!

Come learn about how you can help your child transition to college and focus this week on PAYING FOR COLLEGE! This is a 3 part series this Fall and will continue on October 21st. Daycare and dinner will be provided!

Also friendly reminder ACT Dates and Registration deadlines (listed below).  It is NEVER too early to take an ACT!  9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders are all encouraged to give the test a shot and see how they do, statistically the more times you take the ACT the better you do!4. Last Chance to Sign up for the PSATThe PSAT will be held on October 16th at 8 a.m. in the HS library.  This is the LAST CALL for students to sign up!  Any sophomore or junior can take the exam, however only juniors are eligible for the National Merit Scholarship competition.  Check out this site for reasons "why" to take the PSAT.5. Mental Health Minutes:
Supporting Student Mental HealthThis article caught my eye right away this week.  Sub "High School Student" for "College" and I see a lot of the same stuff in my office.

"Anxiety is the most common form of mental health challenge for college students with depression coming in a close second.Students who have anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or any other type of mental health illness cannot choose to take a day off from it. Unfortunately, it does not simply just go away by taking self-care time, from seeing a therapist, or diving into their favorite hobby or activity. There’s no perfect formula to relieve symptoms all the time.

There’s a huge perception out there that most people can ‘choose to be happy’. For some, there is a residual dread from depression, anxiety, and stress which doesn’t allow them the ability to choose. Truth be told, most people don’t want to feel the impact of any of these things because it’s exhausting. And when humans are exhausted in general, our productivity drops significantly. Students continue to become harder themselves because they aren’t being as productive because of what they are dealing with – rinse and repeat."Readers, THANK YOU AGAIN for joining us! Whether you are from CHS or another school, If you find it worthwhile please continue to SHARE. THE. LOVE (and the link).

Mr. Mack