This weekend, the CHS One Act Team will have two performances of Wizard of Oz. The One Act Team will be competing at district (and hopefully state) in the Play Production contest. The contest consists of a single, 30-minute act performed by a full cast and set.
On Friday, November 15th - Two Options

  • 6:00pm - $12  Dinner and the Performance (Lasagna, breadsticks, and salad)
  • 7:30pm - $5  Performance Only

On Satruday, November 16th

  • 4:00pm - $5  Performance Only

Tickets can be purchased at the HS Auditorium door prior to performances.  Dinner tickets can be purchased in advance at the HS Office or at the HS Commons prior to the meal.

           Wizard of Oz Cast

  • Directors: Jill Paopao and Katy Dobry
  • Time Length: 30 Minutes
  • Dorothy:  Tavia Passero
  • Witch of the North:  Alex Lutz
  • Munchkins:  Tatyana Leija, Brittani Piontek, Skylar Roberts, Alison Gardener, and Danielle Johnson
  • Scarecrow:  Jenny Van Vleet
  • Tin Woodman:  Telli Morford
  • Lion:  Logan Lembke
  • Guardians of the Gate:  Ashley Trent and Aly Crow
  • Oz:  Caston Stack
  • Wicked Witch of the West:  Kodi Milburn
  • Winkies:  Amanda Kolen, Cassie Sloan, Alyssa Noble, Ashlee Dodge, Greta Welch, and Alex Westerbuhr
  • Winged Monkey King: Aaron Gaswick
  • Winged Monkeys:  Julianne Dickerson and Kyla Parish
  • Glinda:  Shay Chamberlain
  • Crew:  Joe Cattin, Harlie Kennell, Veronica Parish, Miles Chasek, and Walt Mays
Mr. Mack