(Submitted by CHS student, Jayden Garrett)

On November 12th, students from Ms. Moore's Advanced Biology Class participated in a turtle dissection. 

To begin the dissection, the students pried off the shell with help from a scalpel. After the shell was removed, the internal organs were able to be observed. The students were able to remove the internal organs separately, leaving nothing more than an empty shell. Many students found the internal organs to be easily recognizable, making this a successful and interesting learning experience. Veronica Parish said, "Pulling the turtle's shell off was definitely an interesting experience, and the clarity of the turtle's organs made it super easy to identify them." Later, students determined whether their turtle was male or female. After observing their turtle further, students found that turtles lack teeth and instead have a sharp beak. 

This hands-on learning experience was thoroughly enjoyed by the class, and they hope to participate in another dissection in the near future.

Mr. Mack