I thought I'd share the text of the letter I sent today to the administration at Ogallala High School, the North Platte Telegraph, and the Nebraska State Activities Association on behalf of our team and fans at the state volleyball tournament. The sportsmanship displayed by the members of the Ogallala HS band was very appreciated ... and honorable!~ mr. mack
November 15, 2013

Re: Nebraska State Volleyball Showmanship
As high school administrators, we know how important it is to teach and model important values to students. On Thursday, November 14th, at the state high school volleyball tournament, we experienced such a value displayed in an amazing and heart-warming show of sportsmanship.
Due to travel distance and home activities, Chadron High School had only a small handful of students in attendance at our first round game against Kearney Catholic.  As the previous game ended (Ogallala vs Wayne),  the Ogallala High School band packed up and carried all of their instruments across the gym to play for the Chadron pre-game warm-ups.  Our fans know that Chadron and Ogallala share the same school song, as displayed at last week’s district final game between these two teams.
Not only our players, but our parents and fans were so excited to see this support from our Western Nebraska friends. The excitement and support between one school’s band and another team’s fans was memorable.  To further add to this special show of support, all of the Ogallala band members joined behind our small student section during the game with several Ogallala students leading cheers and chants for the Chadron team.
Unfortunately, our Chadron team lost the game but many of our fans plan to stay another day to cheer for Ogallala in the second round. As we write this letter we don’t know the outcome of the tournament, but we want the community of Ogallala and the State of Nebraska to know that more than players on a volleyball team will win at the state tournament.  The Ogallala High School band demonstrated how to win off the court.
From our school to yours … THANK YOU!Good luck at the state tournament!  Go Indians!!!

Jerry Mack, Principal Andy Pope, Activities DirectorChadron High School Chadron High School

Mr. Mack