Spring Talent Show 2017May 18th @ 12:30CIS GymMasters of Ceremony: Jace Lien & Jodean Chesley1Tayven JenkinsSong See You Again By:  Charlie Puth 2Brooklynn HoffmanWill White(guitar)Song:  Daddy’s Hands3Beau BehrendsPiano:  Forgotten Postcards
Jace PaoPaoHumorous Pro4Gillian ConwayPiano:  America5Mrs. Anderson’s class Juggling Act6Owen WessPiano:  Tecada Festivo7Vrasai S, Jaelyn B., Trin B., Reese R. & Raylie AddisonSong and Dance-On their own(That’s What I Like About You-Koolaid)8Eliana Guitar:  French Folksong9Mrs. Hoffman’s classSong: Reuben and Rachel10Jaelyn BrownSolo Dance Routine:  Sound of Silence from Trolls- find a version with only the music11Gabby LawhornMaddi DykesComedy act12Thomas, J.T., Micah, Tristan, Tobin, & MylesComedy play13Tucker Calkins, Talon Jelenik Myles Nesheim Tobin RustAndrew GothardHeadbut Volleyball14Jace LienMr. CogdillSong (Amanda) Don Williams 15Issiah LindsayBeat Boxing16Mrs. Grant’s ClassTongue Twisters17Tess HyerDancing to Katy Perry’s “Roar”18Sara WeberTrumpet20Max MeierBasketball or Song21Aiden VintonBeat Boxing22Jenny Pint Paige SlingsbyGymnastics23Lunch Ladies Skit: Ten Years Later24Toby TebbsGymnastics with Carol of the Bells-Piano26Chelsea StephensPiano:  My Teddybear27Keegan Coupens  Jacob Winkler Tayven Jenkins Tristin Fry Devin PasseroAaliyah WoodsJennifer McKinnonWatch me Whip28Mrs. Olson’s classSkits29Emi O’DonnellSong (You Have to Stand for Something)30Jace LienJack Phillips  Cade SmithSong: Dirt on my BootsBy Jon PardyAccompanied by Will White31Cade SmithTrick Roping32Mrs. Whidby’s classSkit33Kierra HaagSong: Are You Ready for the Summer34Raela“Fight Song”35Mrs. Dickey’s classSo Long, Farewell36Brooklynn HoffmanCali HendricksonBeau BehrendsGymnastics/Piano37Ana Gartner Jackson PriceBailee GremmArt:  Doesn't have anything yetDog Leash?38Teacher’sSynchronized Swimming