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Mr. Jerry Mack
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Flipping the College Decision Making Paradigm

This article was written by Dr. Diane Hollmes Blg Series Higher Ed and Post Secondary Learning and shared by our Cardinal Counseling newsletter recently.  As an educator, I see this mistake often!

Ask any adult, regardless of their education level, to recount how they approached the three choices:

Second Grade and Sophomores Work on Children's Stories

Creating Children’s Stories: A Group Effort  Written by: Mrs. Lanphear & Alexis Olsen

Health Professions Club Conducts Job Shadowing

Toni and Kaci job shadowing dental screenings.The Chadron High School Health Professions Club was invited to participate in a job shadowing experience in dental screenings.  

Dr. James Hadden with the cooperation of the Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska recently conducted after school dental screenings, sealants and fluoride varnish treatments at the Chadron Middle School.

The Palatable Perks of Pavlova (Culinary Class)

(Submitted by CHS Senior, Shoilee Rahman)The Palatable Perks of Pavlova     After enduring complex and mundane academic courses all day, partaking in Culinary I allows me to be creative and learn everyday cooking skills. Recently, eggs have stolen the show in Culinary I. We had just finished making creme brûlée in an array of flavors using egg yolk; the whites of the eggs, however, were going to be used for a dessert called pavlova. A meringue-based dish, pavlova is a popular dessert.

Digital Citizenship Week is Oct. 18-24

(The following was shared with me from our ESU #13 from’s Time to Have “The Talk”You don’t have to be an expert on texting, Instagram, Minecraft -- or whatever else your kids are into -- to have The Talk.

CHS Hosts “Apply2College” Event

Chadron High School Hosts “Apply2College” Event October 5th-9th

Cardinal Singers - Sweet Sing-Sation


Concert and Dessert Buffet$4 per personTuesday - October 197:00 PM - HS Auditorium

Travel to Germany, Switzerland, and Italy!

Any student or parents interested in traveling to Germany, Switzerland and Italy in 2017 there will be a parent/interest meeting Sunday October 25th at 5 PM in Mr. McCarty's room in the high school. 
The following link will give you a brief look at the trip:

Science Studies Bernoulli's Principle

(Submitted from Physical Science class)
What are these kids doing???

Balancing a cheese ball is a new talent being taught for career development in physical science. Noooooo sirrrreeee Bob!  

Students are learning about Bernouilli's principle.  Ask your physical science student about the other interesting activities that they performed during class!!!

A Peak Into English III

Our Theme for English IIIA Blog Entry Written Collaboratively by Mrs. Lanphear’s Block 1 & Block 2 Classes

Intro to ClassYou don't have to be crazy to be in English III, but it helps. With a plethora of American authors and Mrs. Lanphear herself, you'd be in good company. By picking apart the classics, we find tidbits we can use in our own writing. We span our learning from the 19th Century to the Information Age; we've branched into and embraced technology. Despite our collective insanity, we've all got something interesting to say: this is our theme for English III.

10th & 11th Grade Health Screenings This Week

(The following information was mailed to parents from the CPS School Nurses)

For Sophomores and Juniors only:

CHS Homecoming Oct. 12-16th

#CardshomecomingHomecoming week at Chadron High School will be October 12th-October 16th

Here is a summary of what will be happening:

Dress Up Days:

Students Need To Be In School On Time Everyday!

The biggest issue Chadron High School faces this year ... is attendance. Parents, please help us by having your student in school on time, everyday!

One of the most important things your child can do to achieve academic success is also one of the most basic: going to school everyday!

In fact, research has shown that your child's attendance record may be the biggest factor influencing his/her academic success.

No School Wednesday, Oct. 7th

There will be no school on Wednesday, October 7th due to a scheduled teacher inservice. Practices will begin after school at normal times.

Guidelines for Administering Medication

We need to inform parents that we can no longer provide ibuprofen or acetaminophen (tylenol) upon a parent's request.

There are two requirements before a student can take or have medication at school:

Help Our Sophomores Raise Money For Prom and Graduation!

Help us raise money for Prom and Graduation!

The annual sophomore fundraiser is underway!  These funds are used by the current sophomore class for prom and graduation. There is an extensive list of print and digital magazines as many gifts for purchase.

There are two ways to participate:

Chadron Property Tax and School Funding Challenges

To support the effort of the Chadron Public Schools' Board of Education and the Office of the Superintendent, I thought I'd share this information. The Chadron School Board has been very active in educating the public as well as political leaders of the challenges in fairly funding schools across the state. The following is a summary of information sent to media outlets recently on behalf of our Superintendent with the support of our School Board.
September 2015
Chadron Property Tax and School Funding Challenges

CHS Parent-Teacher Conferences Sep 17th

Chadron High School Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held this Thursday (September 17th) from 5:00-8:30 in the High School Commons.

Physical Science Labs

Has the Easter Bunny arrived in September????
CHS Physical Science class worked on speed calculations today.  This involved many skilled activities such as: hopping, walking backward, walking forward, and the dreaded speed walking.  Students had to perform several timed activities.  

Invite to Stakeholders - Community Engagement Meeting Sept 9th

(Open letter to all stakeholders of Chadron Public Schools)