We're excited to announce that we'll be able to live stream home events from either gym and the football stadium.  We have installed three permanently mounted Hudl Focus cameras to provide viewing of high quality video from those three locations.  Any home event can then be programmed to show on the live stream at bit.ly/CardsTV.

Other special events may have live stream opportunities provided from a portable camera which currently includes softball.  Look for links from social media posts or view the upcoming scheduled events at bit.ly/CardsTV.

Home varsity events will follow the pay-per view costs listed in the graphic above.  All other non-varsity events, including middle school, freshman and JV will be live-streamed free of charge.  All proceeds from the home varsity events are directly funded back to CHS Activities which will support our teams and the sustainability of future live stream opportunities.

Hudl is a hardware and software provider that offers video and analytics platform for coaches and athletes to quickly review game footage to improve team play. The web-based system serves youth, amateur, and professional teams in many popular sports.  The video stream which is used for coaching analytics is then also provided to the public for viewing live contests.

Mr. Mack