Registering Your Child

This overview of student registration requirements is also provided in the Chadron Public Schools Student handbook or in the respective building offices.  

Age Requirement

Students are age-eligible to attend kindergarten in the Fall if they have attained the age of five on or before July 31. If your child will be six years old by July 31, Nebraska Law requires you to enroll your child in school; either public, private or home.

Kindergarten through senior year registrations are accepted at the Registrars office located at Chadron High School, 901 Cedar Street, (308) 432-0707.

Parents are highly encouraged to register their student early. All registration and health requirements must be met for a child to be admitted in Chadron Public Schools.


Documentation Needed to Register Your Child

  • A release of records for Official school records from another school system or country.
  • Birth Certificate: Present the original birth certificate, with the raised seal, at the registration site. We must have a copy from the original document on file to insure that the child is under the legal guardianship of the adult who has physical custody. This needs to be on file BEFORE the child attends school.
  • Immunization Record: School districts in Nebraska are required to assure that students have been immunized for major communicable diseases. A copy of these records must be on file BEFORE the child attends school. If a parent chooses to not immunize their child, a Right to Refuse form must be completed.
  • Social Security Card (copy) or Number (optional)
  • A physical and vision examination is required BEFORE attending school if the student is transferring from another state, if the student is planning to participate in athletics or is an upcoming 7th grader.
  • Special Education Documents: If the student is newly entering the Chadron Public Schools and has been receiving special education services in the previous school, please provide the students Individualized Education Plan (IEP) at registration to allow for appropriate placement in the program/services required to meet the child's educational needs. If these documents are not readily available, inform the school of the previous services and provide the name and address of the previous school and district.
  • Medication Administration Authorization form if your student(s) requires daily medication during the school day.

Questions can be answered by the district registrar, Tricia Berry, the building guidance counselor, Loni Watson (HS) or Pam Rogers (MS) or the building principals.


Registration Forms

All forms are available on the Chadron Public Schools website.