Chadron Middle School celebrated the end of the first quarter with an assembly on Friday afternoon. Students were awarded Perfect Attendance awards and Cardinal Effort awards.  To earn Perfect Attendance, students had to maintain an unblemished attendance record for the entire quarter (no absences or tardies).  Cardinal Effort awards are given to two students from each class that demonstrated excellent effort throughout the quarter.  Teachers from each grade level select the Cardinal Effort recipients.

It was a great 1st quarter!

5th Perfect Attendance: Spencer Blundell, Samantha Johns, Paige Denke, Jameson Margetts, Sawyer Haag, Kennady Stack, Elizabeth Harrison, Daniel Wellnitz, Zach Haug, Zachary Wordekemper, Britton Hyer
6th Grade Perfect Attendance: Lauren Collins, Cooper Heusman, Greg Downing, Grace Sorenson, Dawn Dunbar, Allie Ferguson, Ariel Johnson, Abigail Gardner, Hayden Wilkins, Mikayla Wild.
7th Grade Perfect Attendance: Joe-Lewis O'Donnell
8th Grade Perfect Attendance: Zach Carattini, Dana Dunbar, Teresa Gottwald, Cody Madsen, P.J. Stolley, Mark Taylor, Megan Till.
5th Grade Cardinal Effort: Vince Eleuterio and Katelyn Diehl
6th Grade Cardinal Effort: Lucas Honstein and Emily Dietz
7th Grade Cardinal Effort: Joe-Lewis O'Donnell and Brock Jimerson
8th Grade Cardinal Effort: Mark Taylor and Brayden Richardson

Mr. Dressel