After our recent use of 'Secure', I thought I'd provide a reminder of the six Standard Response Protocols used by CPS and most schools, colleges and many businesses internationally.  The SRP was developed by the iLoveUGuys Foundation
The “I Love U Guys” Foundation’s programs for crisis response and post-crisis reunification are used in more than 30,000 schools, districts, departments, agencies, organizations and communities around the world. They are created through the research-based best practices of school administrators, psychologists, public space safety experts, families, and first responders. 

Many of you may recognize that "Lockout" was replaced with "Secure" due to common confusion of "Lockdown" protocols.   A brief description of the difference:  Secure is used when there is a potential threat outside of the school building while Lockdown is used when a potential threat may already be inside the school building.   Therefore the response to both are very different:  Secure involves business as usual inside the building with all exterior doors locked, while Lockdown will have students and staff behind locked and barricaded doors.

Feel free to visit the website or contact the school office if you would like to know more about our use of the Standard Response Protocols.

Also, anyone interested in joining the Remind text messaging account for Chadron High School:

Text to: 81010

Message: @chsnote

Any time you'd like to be removed from the messages, simply reply:  @LEAVE


Mr. Mack