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A Great Year-We have come a long way!

Chadron Intermediate School 2014

Kenwood Elementary 1922

Dawes County Historical School
The Dawes County Museum, ESU13 and northern panhandle schools partnered again this year to bring the Historical School to third and fourth graders. Vicki Kotschwar is the school Marm in the 1880's setting.  
Students practice spelling, orthography (Handwriting), math and reading.  They also enjoy a lunch in a pail and get to dress the part if they wish.

Don't divide by zero!

Aidan, Demeil, Jacob and Wesley completed their Rocket Math and are on their way to the Milky Way.  Congratulations on mastering your math facts!

Mrs. Hirning's Protégée

Hailey completed her Rocket Math and is on her way to the Milky Way.  Congratulations on mastering your math facts!

Class of 2022!

Class of 2022 Enjoying a field trip to Chimney Rock

Milky Way Masters!

Bradd and Abby completed their Rocket Math and are on their way to the Milky Way.  Congratulations on mastering your math facts!

Rocket Math Masters!

Kourtney and Braden completed their Rocket Math and are on their way to the Milky Way.  Congratulations on mastering your math facts!

Last Day of School Moved to May 19!

Parents- Our last day of school for the entire district has been moved to the 19th of May with dismissal at  11:15 for CIS.  
Due to fewer snow-days than scheduled, this is one day earlier than planned.  We will send out the report cards on the Friday before.   The School picnic will be held at the CHS Practice Field about 12:00-get there early.  
CIS Agenda for May 19 (tentative)
8:00              School day begins like normal with activities in the classroom
8:30-9:30      Awards Ceremony in the CIS Gym (Parents and Family are invited)

Fourth Grade Foresters- Drive to Revive Arbor Day

Fourth Grade Foresters

Arbor Day will be celebrated on April 25th this year and 70 Fourth Graders in Chadron will
take a tree home to plant in their neighborhood. The kids will become members of Fourth Grade Foresters.

End of the Year-Parent Support Group

We will be meeting Monday (April 28 @ 3:15) in the library to discuss the end of the year activities. In the past parents have helped to make the last day of school a lot of fun by helping out with "Fun Stations". If you are interested in helping out or have some fresh ideas, then please come to the meeting. If you can't make it at that time, but would like to help out please let any of the teachers or the office know and we will add you to the list.  

March (and April) Math Madness

Mrs. Dickey's ClassroomDuring the months of March and April, parents have joined with us to do "Math Madness."  They have visited our classrooms to talk to us about how they use math in their jobs and careers.  It has been very educational, informational, but most of all fun!  Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to share your lives with us!


Mr. Wade Beins visited fourth grade to talk about rocks and geology.  It was a fun presentation and he brought along many visuals that he used in very humorous ways.  So glad to have people who love what they do that are willing to share their knowledge with our kids!

More great work at CIS's After School Program!

The great work just keeps coming in.  The kids are proud of the work they have put in on their pillows.  The after school program at CIS is a great place to learn new skills!


CIS students proudly display the quilts they made during the after-school program's Quilting Club.  Thank you Mrs. Eliason and Mrs. Cogdill for the great help and patience.

Mrs. Piercy's Fourth Grade: Jump Rope for Heart Champions!

Mrs. Piercy's Fourth Grade: Jump Rope for Heart Champions!: Mrs. Piercy's class collected the most donations for Jump Rope for Heart.  This amazing group of students raised over $1600 for the Hear...

Technology Integration in Title 1

LAS: Technology Integration in Title 1: "All students will improve vocabulary in all content areas" was Chadron Intermediate's NCA goal.  These are ways that technolo...

Zander Rocks the House!

Zander completed his Math with flying colors!

CMS Track Results

CMS Track Fans

Click Here for results of the updated 2014 season.

Another example of the great students we have!

Natalie passed the last level in  Rocket math.  She completed the rocket and made it to the Milky Way! 
 Congratulations, Natalie!  
Whats next Physics?Which 3 numbers have the same answer whether they’re added or multiplied together? Answer: 1, 2 and 3.