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Chadron State College

Chadron State College's Mini Big Event was a great success at Chadron Primary School.  Volunteers from Chadron State College visited Chadron Primary School and helped clean the playground.  During recess, they were joined by some little assistants!  We want to thank Dr. Shaunda French-Collins and the team for the coordinated efforts that went into the planning and success of this event!

Coloring Contest 3rd Place National Winner

One of our second grade kiddos placed 3rd in the Coloring Contest for the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union contest.  June Ballard was on hand to present Tamia with the certificate and prize money.  We are so proud of her National 3rd place finish and thank you June for the presentation.

Cardinals of the Month

These little Cardinals had exceptional behavior this past month and were selected by their homeroom teachers as "Cardinals of the Month"!  The students are selected on the basis of going above and beyond the three Cardinal Rules: 1)Be Safe, 2)Be Respectful, and 3)Be Responsible.  They were able to have breakfast in the teachers' lounge and sported their buttons with pride!  We are so glad these students make good choices and set such great examples for others.  Keep up the GOOD WORK kiddos!

Kindergarten STEM Afternoon

The Kindergarten teachers hosted a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) afternoon for their students last week.  Students rotated to each of the classrooms and learned about engineering and technology.  Students built towers from pumpkins and toothpicks, boats out of apples, and structures using popsicle sticks, clothespins and pumpkins.  Students also worked on their letter and sound identification on I Pads.  It was a successful afternoon and we can't wait to do

Chadron Primary Celebrates Red Ribbon Week!

Chadron Primary students and staff celebrated Red Ribbon Week with days full of fun!  Students discussed the dangers of drugs and alcohol during guidance classes and dressed up each day to match a particular theme of staying away from drugs. 

Mrs. Landreth's Kindergarten takes a Virtual Field Trip!

On Tuesday, Mrs. Landreth’s kindergarten class participated in a virtual field trip. Mrs. Landreth was awarded the Roger’s Scholarship to cover the cost of connecting to UNL’s Morrill Hall. Prior to the virtual field trip, the kindergarten students constructed dioramas using animals native to Nebraska. During the virtual field trip, Ms. Annie led the kindergarten student through the diorama section of the museum.

Book Fair Winners

We want to thank all of the individuals and families who supported our Book Fair.  We were able to raise money to purchase books for the library from the sales and we are grateful for the support.  We also had a drawing for each homeroom class and the winners are below.  Congratulations kiddos and again, thank you for the continued support!

Thank you First National Bank

Chadron Primary School students were recently treated to a presentation from First National Bank.  Cassie and Jessica visited with our students about Halloween safety and presented each student with a reflective trick or treat bag.  Thank you so much to First National Bank for the presentation and bags, we appreciate your commitment to our community and students!

1st Quarter Perfect Attendance

We recently completed our 1st Quarter of school and these students celebrated perfect attendance!  It is quite admirable for children to attend every single day and we are so proud of these kiddos!  We look forward to seeing their smiling faces the next three quarters of school.

Eagle Effort Award Students

Chadron State College values winning in the classroom just as much as winning on the field and this value has contributed to Chadron State College Athletes being honored with the conference's top team academic awards.  Chadron State College Football team is recognizing students at Chadron Primary School who demonstrate this "Eagle Effort" in the classroom.  The students chosen by each grade level have shown academic growth, help other students, and create a successful learning environment.  This past weekend, two second grade students were honored at the ho


I am so fortunate to feel the love from the Chadron Primary Staff Team!!  They sent these BEAUTIFUL flowers in honor of National Boss's Day and I LOVE them!  Thank you all again for the support each and every day and the dedication you have to our babies and entire Primary Family!


Last week members of the Chadron Volunteer Fire Department visited Chadron Primary School!  The firefighters shared how they look and sound in all of their gear, along with many of the tools the firefighters may use in the event of a fire.  The firefighters also discussed the importance of regular fire drills in homes as well as a meeting place for all family members along with checking the batteries of smoke detectors in homes.  The students enjoyed the presentation and we want to thank all of the firefighters who took time out of their days to visit and educate our children!  We are so fo

CSC Women's Basketball Team Visits Again

Our Chadron Primary students were treated to a visit from the CSC Women's Basketball team this week.  These ladies are wonderful role models to our little Cardinals and we appreciate the conversations and support these ladies provide to your young students.  Thank you again Lady Eagles!

Cardinals of the Month

Chadron Primary School celebrated our September Cardinals of the Month.  These students were chosen by their teachers as students who excel in the classroom!  These kiddos have gone above and beyond our three Cardinal Rules of 1)Be Safe, 2)Be Respectful, and 3) Be Responsible.  These children have been great examples for other students and we are so excited to honor them with a breakfast.  We were able to take over the Teachers' Lounge to enjoy our morning and we want to congratulate them all for a job well done!